A Material that looks like Gold...!

From the Brass looks to the Brass Pull Handle: Elmes

Brass is one of substitutional alloys that are combined with main Copper (Cu) and Zinc (Zn) in the proportion of 5-45% of Zinc that would change the Copper color. As we all know the Copper is orangish color but with Zinc imbued to it, it will change its color to Golden color. That is what in Thai language we called Gold-Yellow for the Brass meaning.

Brass didn’t just lie down into one type of Brass there are tons of differences in Brass like there are… “Admiralty brass, Alpha brasses, Alpha-beta brass, Aluminum brass, Arsenical brass, Beta brasses, Cartridge brass, Common brass, DZR brass, Gilding metal High brass, Leaded brass, Low brass, Naval brass, Red brass, Rich low brass, White brass Yellow brass”  from all those I have said Brass share the same proportion of calamine ore (Zinc) and Copper.

What’s good about Brass?

Brass is one of the Die-Hard materials and brass is the main material in a bullet main part. Brass is stronger and thicker than bronze with all the anti-rust and anti-bacteria and germs. You may also find these brass in the factory field as well apart from the ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) or JIS (Japanese Industrial-Standards) because Brass itself has a high melting point compared to other materials as well.

Elmes : Brass Pull Handle

From the essential of “Art” and “Hardware” affiliated to the core of passion into the word “Artware”. The selection of Brass Door handlesare not just strong and long lasting or either anti-bacteria but the most important thing is the blending smoothly of brass fit into most environments of the residential and commercial area. Due to its shininess and gold smooth look.

The various designs from art, hardware and customer desired, Elmes brought out the shininess and elegance to the best of the best to cross the most senses in human beings! Touching feeling, The eye-contact and heart-desired feeling.