Not all door swing the same way

Have you ever wondered and noticed how the door is operating or how many types of door there are… I would say there are several types of doors that are commonly well-known for most people. First of all, let me be clear with one thing “The concept of door”. The concept of how the doors operate is by the force that push, pull and slide. From the concept that forms into 4 main categories of door swing type.

The 4 types of door :

Hinged door – It’s the door that uses hinges for the door to operate by push and pull  >>>> The hinge that connect the door with frame 

Pivot door – The door that uses pivot as the center of rotation of the door to be opened.  >>>>  Pivot will be installed to to upper frame and on the bottom

Sliding door – The door that is being moved by sliding either way. Which is the most starting point where it can lead to many inventions or applying by the pocket door. Like lateral opening systems which apply for space saving, flush door, secret door and even more.

Folding door – From all the types of door apply it to a new type. Folding door is when the door is being opened by sliding and folding back and out.