Lateral opening system

Lateral opening system Lateral opening system is a space saving way to expand your interior design and Express your interior design limitless with a combination of elegance looks into your interior with MonoFlat LIN-X1000. – winner of reddot design award 2017 Lateral Door opening Systems Video Introduction LIN-X series is one of cabinet hardware […]

Door Type

Not all door swing the same way Have you ever wondered and noticed how the door is operating or how many types of door there are… I would say there are several types of doors that are commonly well-known for most people. First of all, let me be clear with one thing “The concept of […]

Different between Stainless Steel 202 304 316

article difference of stainless steel 202 304 316

Differences between Stainless Steel 202 304 316 Let’s be clear with one thing first, Iron steels regularly have the same component of iron and carbon and with special components it will become another type of steel. All stainless steels use the same component in the way of making, which are Chromium and Carbon. These components […]


A Material that looks like Gold…! From the Brass looks to the Brass Pull Handle: Elmes Brass is one of substitutional alloys that are combined with main Copper (Cu) and Zinc (Zn) in the proportion of 5-45% of Zinc that would change the Copper color. As we all know the Copper is orangish color but […]


Distinction of the same Stainless steel is Stainless: Elmes Definition of stainless steel won’t be away from the phrase “Rustless Steel”. Stainless doesn’t naturally occur but it is called the science and craftsmanship that has been developed over decades since 1821. The stainless steel is the steel that contains Chromium that measures nor less than […]